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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?


Actually, I have never experienced a request for a refund, my clients are always very happy with their websites and my work.

How long does it take before my site goes live?

All websites are designed individually therefore each project is different.

Even small websites can be complex, therefore requiring more development time, this all depends on each individual project.
A multi departmental website with a variety of products and services would be more complex and could take weeks depending on it’s size and quantity of content. A small shop could have 12 products or it could have 500, the more products the more time it takes. Once it has been established how many products and how much content is involved, a better idea can be given.

The average sized business website usually takes approximately 30 days, give or take a day or two, providing all content is readily available in advance. A wedding or family website would usually take 21 days, providing all content is available.

If you have images and content information available and a reasonable idea of what they would like to achieve, A website will absolutely go live on time.

If you provide only half of the information, and subsequently take 3 weeks to provide the other half, obviously the website will fall 3 weeks behind. Once all of the information is available the website will progress at lightning speed You get the idea.

Please note:
Websites for weddings to coincide with wedding invitations being officially sent out, require 3 weeks notice and all information needs to be available in advance. Wedding websites take 21 days to go live after receiving all of your information.

How will I know what information I need to provide?

This is really easy!

You will have a pre prepared check list of all the things you need to provide.
You can mark off the list everything you have got ready to email to me. You can also send things as you go through the check list.

It will be easy for you, I will organise all the information in to categories according to where is needs to go. All you need to do is find it and send it. I will start your website as soon as I have all of the necessary information and your checklist is complete.

I have an older website can it be re designed to make it modern?

My motto is always “Yes of course, everything’s possible”.

Sometimes the least expensive and most productive way is to literally start over from scratch with a shiny new website.
If this is your dilemma, lets have a chat and go over some options. It would be beneficial to provide me with temporary access to your website so I can analyses and determine the scope, present you with all options, share ideas and guide you through a plan of action.

Any existing site content you wish to keep can easily be updated and transformed.
I will be able to provide you with sensible¬†options to consider once I’ve evaluated your existing site. Touch base with me

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